Fullstack developer with a big experience in web site development using various technologies. Opened to a new possibilities and projects, so feel free to write me an email

About me

I believe that self development is the key to success, to make new friends and to have a quality time. I like my job well done, this is the reason I use code linters and advise everyone to use such thing. 

Maybe I’m a perfectionist, though I understand that nobody can do anything perfectly (by the way it’s a good topic to discuss).

Strong English skills. Communication and business correspondence with clients and developers, English courses on last job.
In my free time I like to get new knowledge and currently I’m studying computer science course at

I have one more passion – music. I like to listen to it, I like play it. I played drums for several years and bands and even have few songs recorded. Besides drums I like guitar, especially acoustic, because it allows you to create nice and pure sound.



July 2020 — now

Developing sites and applications using JavaScript and related technologies (angular, vue js, nodejs), HTML and CSS. Working in team including international teams (UK, USA). Regular comminications with clients, estimating and planing

May 2016 – June 2020

Web development using php and php-build cms, cmf and frameworks to maintain, support and build sites from scratch. Working in team(management and support) including international teams (UK, USA, Austria, Finland). Regular comminications with clients, estimating and planing.

August 2018 – August 2019

As a course teacher I developed course program for web development using CMS WordPress (lectures, tests, homework) I’ve been teaching groups, checking homework and tests, prepared and performed examination

As a team lead I was mentoring junior specialists, communicating with clients and developers, gathering workload and spent time information, managing team’s tasks, creating and managing team private repositories, performing code review, estimating

November 2015 – now

Besides my main job in my free time I do freelancing. I work with markup, JavaScript, PHP and php-build cms, cmf and frameworks (Yii, Drupal, WordPress) to maintain, support and build sites from scratch. Managing team work on a daily basis, managing projects(communicating with clients, creating tickets for a team, planning and estimating). Searching for a clients to work with and maintaining relationship with current client. Also I learn different technologies and programming languages like nodejs, angular, python.

March 2014 – March 2016

Working as a process department engineer included technical support of a helicopter repair and maintenance (Mi-8, Mi-24 and their’s modifications). Worked here after graduating from the university.


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I graduated from Minsk State Higher Aviation College (Belarusian State Aviation Academy now) in 2014 as an engineer (civil aviation faculty).

Then for a long time (up until now) I’ve gained various technical skills and continue to do so. Some of the skills I gained from online courses, some of them during self education. You can find the short story of it below.

  • HTML, CSS, PHP, Yii
    Started to learn programming
  • Drupal 7, WordPress, JavaScript + jQuery
    The first job as a programmer
  • Drupal 8
    The second year of working as a programmer
  • Yii 2, Symfony, Python
    Polishing PHP skills in my free time, learning new technologies - - Python (certificate -
  • Node js, Angular, Vue, Java
    Digging deep into Front-end, Java basics
  • Some more new interesting technologies
    Constant self-education and self-development is a key factor of a successful programmer. I believe I'll learn some new technologies in 2021 and improve skills in those I already know


Drupal (7-8)
Node js

The listed skills are the skills that I want to highlight. I decided to not put all the skills here so that this list is not 2 pages long.

Keep it simple.

Opened to a new possibilities and projects

Though I’m working fulltime I opened to a new possibilities and projects. If you want a professional to work on your site feel free to contact me to discuss the details.

Currently I’m opened to a front-end projects, WordPress projects, Drupal, Yii, JavaScript, Nodejs and also Python projects.

Besides programming I also do as a search engine optimization (SEO) and site promotion. Feel free to contact me if you want to optimize and promote your site.

Because I work fulltime sometimes I don’t have time for all the projects. For this case I work with a team of developers and few SEO specialists. Therefore you shouldn’t worry for your site would be delivered in time


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